World's Smartest Anti-Virus Air Sanitizing Purifier

e-CONDLIFE Uniqueness

- Cover 3000sqft. Cleanse 6X FASTER & 6X BIGGER Area!
- Zero labor cost with intelligent sanitizing at the press of the button.
- High level of Oxygen & negative ions.
- Sanitize all soft & hard surfaces.
- Huge cost saving up to 80%

Promo Price at RM1495 ONLY!
NP: RM2195

Promotion at RM1495 ONLY!
Promotion at RM1495 ONLY!
Promotion at RM1495 ONLY!
Promotion at RM1495 ONLY!
Internationally certified

Promo Price At RM1495 ONLY!
NP: RM2195


Jati Tinggi Holdings Berhad

Seeing the number of people infected has continued to increase from the second, third and fourth wave, make us all feel that this repeating pandemic will not be completely eliminated easily, and we may even need to coexist with the virus in the future. We wouldn’t know which guest who came to the office, or the employee's family member might be a carrier, and has to live in fears and anxiety each day. Since our company invested in multiple units of e-condlife, the first thing I do when I go to the office is to turn it on so that it can sanitize the entire space and protect my entire office. Our company has experienced potential exposure to mass infection again and again. We were however fortunate that no one has been infected in the office in so many cases. Therefore, my confidence in e-condlife has doubled and I even bought some as gifts to my relatives and friends, I hope they can live in a safe and healthy environment. Life is so precious. Sharing this important information with you, I wish everyone safe.
~ Dato Seri Lim YS

Klinik Alam Medic Klang

"When my son told me when there is such technology of sanitizing and purifying, I thought he was bluffing about it. And so I look it up on the internet, apparently, there is a lot of strong evidence that proves it can effectively deactivate viruses including coronavirus that are airborne and collected on the surfaces. So, I've quickly bought one for my home. Now my family feels very secure and protected.  This is 10/10 affordable and cost-effective."
~ Mr Ang YH, Kepong

Recently, I bought EcondLife Air Sanitizing Purifier for an F&B Outlet - Mamacita Pizza & Pasta. It purifies the air around in the restaurant and also reputed to kill 99.9% viruses which includes coronavirus. Now it has been 4 months since I bought, I am satisfied as not only it sanitized it also keeps away mosquitos, flies, cockroaches and insects. Thus keeping my restaurant always sanitized and clean. I strongly recommend to get this unit as it performs multiple functions, more than I expectation.
~ Mr. Thanabal, Owner of Mamacita Restaurant

Wellness Medical Qigong Center 

"I feel safe after using e-CONDLIFE, I feel that my family is protected. I have also improved a lot when I sleep. The fresh air makes me feels very energetic after waking up in the morning, just like staying in a natural environment.
Thank you e-CONDLIFE"
~ Mr Ong AP - Business Entrepreneur

Hextar Industrial Chemicals S/B

"I bought an EcondLife Premier to keep my home safe from viruses.  Now I really enjoyed the freshness of the air.  I also realized the machine is very effective for my sinus problem and eliminated my dried throat itchiness after waking up in the morning.  Good stuff and value for money too!"
~ Mr M.S. Ho - SEAP EXPERT, SMEcorp Malaysia

"Great to have smart sanitizing - EcondLife at my home now during this CMCO Period to keep my family safe.  The air sanitizer would be perfect to combat and to keep all viruses and bacteria away."
~ Andrew Hooi - Founder of Smart Choice Solution