Natural Sleep | Original Technology | Balance Earth Environment

Sleepbank is a patented Sleep Frequency Technology (SFT) device. It generates a natural field that makes your body relax, slowing down your brain waves to improve sleep quality and prolonging deep sleep.

· Activate the body self-repair system
· Energize after wake up
· Frequency for natural deep sleep

3 Major Principles of SleepBank

1. Harmonic resonance with Schumann resonance frequency.
Purify the environment and initiate the
protective mask.

2. SFT deep sleep frequency technology induces relaxation.
Eases chaotic state of mind so you can feel a deep state of sleep!

3. Analog North and South Magnetic Field
Help the body to restore the natural balance.

  • Let you relax naturally to restore your body balance!

  • Lengthen your deep sleep so you feel energize the next day!

  • Long-term use will enhance your body’s self-healing capabilities!

  • · Let you sleep all the way through the night, even if you wake up in the middle of the night, you will fall right back to sleep!

Size: 13.3cm (W) 13.3cm (L) 12.4cm (H)
Weight: 0.3kg
Voltage: 5V
Power Rating: 1W